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Janice ho qing qing


Janice Ho Qing Qing's selection for this prestigious award underscores her remarkable achievements and unwavering commitment to excellence in both her academic pursuits and athletic endeavors. As Samuel Szeto himself was a renowned scholar and accomplished athlete, it is fitting that this honor is bestowed upon an individual who exemplifies the same dedication to balancing education and athletics.


Janice's ice hockey career all began at PLKCKY under the patient guidance of Coach Cindy Chu, where she watched the game for the first time, learnt how to skate and eventually how to play. Early on, Janice joined multiple KPK camps, before joining the WIHO training and development program and playing in the Hong Kong Women's Ice Hockey League. Starting from one of the youngest players in the league, Janice has now progressed to being a team captain for the second season. While preparing for her final IB exams earlier this year, she also had the opportunity to train with the Women's National Team before they went on to win gold at the IIHF world championships. Additionally, she has started playing in the AHL against fiercer competition this year as part of the WIHO Elite Team, as they strive to improve and progress as female ice hockey players in Hong Kong.At the same time, Janice is a freshman studying Medicine in the Chinese University of Hong Kong, where she also plays volleyball on the college team. As a member of the proposed cabinet of the Medical Society, CUHK, she is eager to enjoy her university life ahead and is looking forward to serving and giving back to the community as a physician upon completing her studies.

Kung Pow Kings Hockey is proud to award the Dr. Samuel Szeto Memorial Award every year to a KPK student. The recipient of this award is carefully chosen every year.  This accolade recognizes athletes who demonstrate exceptional prowess in both academics and athletics, embodying the balance exemplified by the late Dr. Samuel Szeto, a highly accomplished ice hockey athlete and holder of a PhD degree in BioChemistry.

In line with our mission, the recipient also demonstrates the qualities striving to help youth in Hong Kong build important life skills through the team sports of Ice Hockey,.  This person must be committed to pushing and developing skills for the game, but also skills for life.

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Brandon so Cho Yam


Brandon So is the 2022 recipient of the Sam Szeto Award.

Hi, my name is Brandon So, and I’m a student in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program and an active hockey player, where the balance of the two has developed my core competencies.

In the IB program, These learning experiences provided me with a well-rounded education and enhanced my intellectual critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and research abilities. I can apply skills learnt in my education such as my presentation and organisation skills into the game of ice hockey and ice hockey coaching.

Outside of my academic pursuits, I am passionate about any form of hockey involving a stick and a ball. Outside of playing for the Kung Pow Kings, I have also brought my skills to the VSA school teams, where i was the captain of Ball Hockey. Through these experiences, I have developed qualities such as perseverance, commitment, and a strong drive to excel both individually and as a team member.


I have also taken on the role of an assistant coach in the KPK organization, dedicating my spare time to training kids and fostering their interest in ice hockey. By doing so, I help them develop their skills in the sport and contribute to their personal growth and character development.

I believe that balance between education and sports is of utmost importance, as it promotes a well-rounded development of character. Whilst education is important as it provides intellectual stimulation for professional success, engaging in sports develops soft skills like communication and discipline. Balancing both allows individuals to cultivate a well-rounded skill set and lead a healthy, fulfilling life.

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Cayden lock


Cayden Lock is the 2021 recipient of the Sam Szeto Award.

My hockey journey with KPK started in 2016 and since then I have participated in numerous programs, camps, and tournaments representing KPK. I am on the coaching team at Kung Pow Kings Hockey, an assistant coach for my school’s girls’ development hockey team and 3rd goalie of my school’s junior varsity hockey team. I currently attend Shawnigan Lake School in B.C. Canada and will graduate in 2025. Hockey has been a big part of my life, starting as a player in 2014 and not long after transitioning into goalie. I started coaching towards the end of 2020 and my passion for coaching never stopped. With guidance from Mike and Fellow, I have been able to coach students with confidence to allow them to grow as individuals. This has given me the ability to lead teams during leagues and tournaments, evident during the summer of 2023.

Before becoming a coach, Dr. Sam Szeto was my goalie coach since day 1 of being part of KPK, the bond between student and coach was unlike any other. The skills given to me allowed me to improve in many aspects. Not only as a team player but as an individual. His presence and impact still stands today within the KPK community. The attitude Dr. Sam Szeto had in coaching is one I use as inspiration. A goal to see students succeed. My coaching has been focused on game-driven scenarios, individual technique and teamwork. My presence with coaching in KPK programs includes camps, majority of summer programmes and occasional presences in regular programs. Receiving the Sam Szeto Award for scholastic & athletic excellence in 2021 was one that touched my heart deeply since Sam’s passing in 2019. As Sam told me, “Working hard in practice, results in a breeze during any game.” I look forward to seeing you on the ice!

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Peter started playing hockey in 2009, attending weekly classes hosted by HKAIH.  Shortly afterwards, he went under the tutelage of Kung Pow Kings hockey to further hone his skills. At the same time, he is also one of the first group of players to join HKAHC’s Generation Next program. It is also this period where his respect for teaching grew, because of the lessons he received on and off the ice.

He first gained match experience by playing for HKAIH in the Mega Ice Hockey 5’s tournament between 2012-2013. During his time with Kung Pow Kings as a player, he participated in local tournaments such as the Mega Ice Hockey 5’s, as well as representing the team on international stages such as Taiwan and Luxembourg, or even places closer to Hong Kong, such as mainland China and Macau. Other than Kung Pow Kings, he has also received training and gained on-ice experience from clubs such as DBees and Kunlun Red stars, whom he also represented in the Mega Ice Hockey 5’s tournament.


Progressing to his older years, Peter has joined HKAHC’s Standard League, Amateur Hockey League, and most recently, Hockey Night in HK (HNIHK) to continue his love for the sport.

Other than a player, Peter also took courses for both coaching and officiating hosted by HKAIH in cooperation with the Swedish Ice Hockey Federation. He officiated for the Women’s league and the Primary School Ice Hockey league for 2 years. As of now, he shifted his focus into coaching, having taught players from HKFYG, HKAIH and KPK hockey.


As of November 2023, Peter is a second-year medical student in the University of Hong Kong. Within university, he joined research projects ranging from microbiology to medical education, which he is most interested in, working under professors in the faculty to fine- tune the curriculum for the next generation of students. Outside of school, he also tutors high school biology.

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