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Program terms, conditions and disclaimer

*Please note that the submitted registration information will not be released to a third party and is for internal use only.


General Disclaimer:

The student should pay attention to personal or other’s safety during participation in the activities organized by Kung Pow Kings Hockey LTD. Use of the ice surface and any facility is entirely at the risk of the student and the student hereby confirms his/her agreement to assume the entire risk of any loss, property damage, illness, injury or death that the student may sustain or cause as a result of his/her participation in any activity organized by Kung Pow Kings Hockey LTD. Accidents occurring on or off the ice will be the responsibility of the student and it is therefore suggested that the student to consider his/her own insurance coverage.


This application constitutes a contract between the student and Kung Pow Kings Hockey LTD, and a release of liability to Kung Pow Kings Hockey LTD, its executive, committee, sponsors, contractors, agents and employees and all persons and entities connected with it. Kung Pow Kings Hockey LTD will not be responsible for any injury, accident to person, or loss of property inside ice rink (includes The Sky Rink - Dragon Centre, The Rink - Elements, Mega Ice – MegaBox, Synthetic Ice Facility – YMCA King’s Park Inline Rink - Choi Hung Road Sports Ground) or other site and their respective loading docks, or surrounding area.


Pursuant to this release, the student voluntarily agrees to assume (for himself/herself, his/her representatives, heirs, assigns, and next of kin) all such risks, foreseeable or otherwise, and that the student shall be solely responsible for all losses the student may cause. 

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